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What is a  Class App

A Class App is a type of communication software designed to connect teachers with parents and students. It is a platform that can act as a medium for everyone to have uninterrupted school communication.

One of the significant advantages of a class app is that it enables the school administration to facilitate, monitor, and manage all the school communication activities. It also brings numerous benefits and offers much better features and facilities than traditional communication channels like SMS and email. A class app showcases superior engagement and privacy-oriented communication features. It allows teachers to manage class activities, enables parents to stay updated with school-related news and their children's academics, and empowers the school to build a safe and secure school communication ecosystem.


How does a Class App work

A class app establishes a communication ecosystem where teachers can easily interact with students and parents without barriers. It replaces traditional channels, like emails and SMS, and unifies all school communication activities. For example, instead of using multiple channels like emails, chat, and SMSs, to reach out to parents, the teachers can use the class app to perform all these activities, thus removing the need to rely on multiple apps.


Teachers create messages and school updates to communicate with parents and students


Approve or reject important messages by teachers and overview entire school communication activities


Parents and students Initiate conversations and receive and respond to messages from teachers and school administrators


School can gain crucial insights. Understand the communication metrics and use data to improve engagement

Therefore, having a class app helps the teachers and parents be more productive and save time. So a class app, in other words, works by unifying all the communication activities, enabling the school to create a safe and secure communication platform and making it easy for everyone in the school community to share ideas, feedback, and opinions instantly.

Where is a Class App used
and by whom

A class app is adopted by schools and educational institutions of all types and sizes. It is used by ambitious schools who want to keep parents in the loop about all the happenings in the school. It is also adopted when schools want to scale their existing communication infrastructure or move away from ineffective channels that hinder instant connectivity and engagement with parents.


View, edit and send announcements, give login privileges, share updates and messages with parents and students. Manage entire communication activities, review engagement reports and create, edit or delete user accounts and files.


Can initiate chat, sent requests, share class materials, homework, and conduct live sessions with parents and students


Initiate conversations with teachers, send documents, and access homeworks and other files shared by teachers.


Access student profile, acces homeworks and class materials, reply to message requests, and upload files when requested by teachers.

One primary advantage schools get when they establish class apps is that it enables them to scale their communication or implement a new communication infrastructure that helps them unify every interaction between teachers and parents and consolidate all their activities in one platform.

Benefits of using Class App

The class apps come with various parent engagement features like Instant Chat, Stories, Live Broadcasting, Emergency messaging, and more to create a better communication experience. These features enable it to be more engaging and effective than traditional channels that are ineffective in communicating with parents and managing students. Here are six benefits you can get by adding a class app to your school or educational institution:

All communication activities at one place

Communication channels like email to social media have their own merits when used for instant communication. For instance, email is suited to share academic resources, while social media is more appropriate for daily updates. Similarly, voice calls allow for more personalized updates. However, when teachers need to take care of all children, they need to keep updated with all parents, so keeping them updated can be time-consuming when teachers need to rely on multiple channels. Moreover, managing multiple channels can also be hard for working parents. So in these situations, the requirement for communication apps that can unify all these in one application is the best way to go.

The class apps unify all the features of these unique tools and consolidate them under one platform. As a result, teachers can efficiently update common school updates with the help of bulk messaging in a matter of seconds and use this saved up time to provide individual attention to parents in need. So, both the parents and teachers can save time, communicate without delays and share feedback.

A feature-rich class app can be used to make school announcements, share circulars, create private messages, and generate parent engagement reports, all in one place, making it easier for the teachers and school to keep parents updated about all the activities in the school.

Ensure total control over communication activities

As the main aim of a school communication app is to create a safe and secure communication environment, the class apps are designed to ensure the school administration has total control over all the activities happening in the school. For instance, the school administrators can monitor all communication and engagement activities by teachers with parents, approve or reject the messages shared by teachers to the parents, go through parent engagement reports, and manage the entire accounts and activities. All these enable the school to create a secure and safe school communication ecosystem.

Facilitate maximum parental engagement

One unique advantage of class apps is that they ensure uninterrupted connectivity. With class apps, any parent can reach out to any teacher during school hours. With this instant connectivity, parents and teachers can talk freely, build rapport and nurture meaningful parent-teacher relationships, which can be pivotal in creating better learning opportunities for children.

Create a space for parents to share their feedback and opinions

As class apps have an instant chat facility that enables parents to reach teachers from anywhere, any parent can share their thoughts and opinions with teachers. As parents share their guide feedback openly and voice their opinions on school activities, the teachers can work towards implementing these ideas if it is deemed fit for the school's development. When parents feel that their opinion is valued and considered, they realize they are integral to the growth of the school and the betterment of their children's studies.

More productive school activities

As all the communication activities pass through the app, the parents can keep updated about the latest school events, parent-teacher meetings, sports events, and other school activities on time. Moreover, as the parents get to know all the school activities on time, the school can conduct activities on the scheduled time without hindrance, thereby helping the school be more productive.

Much improved classroom engagement

Since the class apps are designed to improve communication, the teachers can work with parents and implement new ideas and learning strategies to make the classroom more engaging. Moreover, as parents get involved in the class activities, the children get motivated to engage in class activities. Thus, the entire engagement and productive activities of the classroom get better.

Top features to look out for in a
Class App

With the advent of the smartphone revolution and technology in general, many class apps are available in the market for schools to improve their communication and increase parent-teacher engagement

However, it's imperative to have an in-depth look at the best class apps available in the market and choose one that suits your current and future needs. So here are a few key features and functionalities you might want to consider before deciding on a class app for your school communication needs.

User-friendly Design

One of the most important aspects of any software is user interface design. A design should be compelling enough for the user to navigate around and use the features built into the software. If the user interface is not inviting or creates friction, the user might not take advantage of the many advanced features built into it. The same goes for class apps, so when you're in the market for a class app, choose one that has a compelling user interface.

A better user interface is completed with a nicely designed app dashboard with all the necessary features on hand reach. Most modern class apps in the market have a detailed and feature a rich dashboard that comes with all the functionalities required to overview and manage the entire communication activities in the school. So the communication experience is more intuitive and ensures smooth engagement and interactions.

class app dashboard for school communication

Instant Communication

The main goal of a class app is to connect teachers, parents, and students. So an Instant Chat facility is of much help in those instances when immediate attention is required. With this feature, any teacher can initiate private chats with any parent, alert them, and create conversations. In addition, the chat facility also comes with support to share multimedia files like school documents and files, so the parents and teachers can connect with each other to make all their interactions more productive.

class app web chat for engaging with parents and students

Analyze engagement reports

When using a class app for school communication, you're investing to make school communication more engaging and interactive. So naturally, it's a requirement that all the interactions between parents and teachers be analyzed to understand the trend and trajectory of the communication activities happening at your school.

Collecting insightful parent engagement helps the schools to understand various important things like the parent's opinions towards current classroom conditions, the quality of education provided in the school, and their feelings towards the teaching strategies implemented in the school.

class app instant reports to analyze parent engagement

Hybrid classroom management

As education moves away from traditional learning to a combination of in-person and virtual learning, teachers, parents, and students must use the right tools to manage their academics and classroom activities to take advantage of the new learning environment. So class apps with provisions for managing hybrid classroom interactions are sought after for their capabilities and functionalities as they maximize everyone's efforts and create more interactive and enjoyable learning opportunities.

In addition to that, most advanced class apps have features that enable teachers to upload the class structure, a database of all the children, and easily share homework, class materials, and other documents. Moreover, the teacher can also ensure parents' engagement so every parent can get involved in classroom activities. As a result, the children will take an interest in the class activities even more.

Which is the best Class App
you could go for?

Many class apps are available in the market that makes school communication more engaging and improves interactions between teachers and parents. So, before choosing a class app, it's best to understand your school communication requirements. However, suppose you're in the market for a single class app that can manage the entire school communication activities, manage classrooms and establish a secure and privacy-oriented communication ecosystem in which teachers and parents can easily communicate. In that case, you can try out Schoolvoice.

Schoolvoice is an advanced and feature-rich class app designed to simplify school communication and increase engagement with parents. With Schoolvoice, a school can establish a safe communication space where parents, teachers, and students can easily communicate and share ideas and feedback. In addition, Schoolvoice ensures school administration total control over the entire school communication activity. So the school can overview and manage parent engagement, grant or revoke app privileges of staff and parents, check the messages delivery reports, and review the entire communication activities happening inside the school.

Schoolvoice comes with stellar features and functionaries that enable the school to create a safe communication ecosystem apt for learning, exchanging new ideas, and encouraging feedback between school communities.

What makes Schoolvoice
the best Class App

best class app for school communication

Actionable Messages

The Actionable Message is a type of message with predefined inbuilt responses. It enables the schools to share important announcements, school updates, circulars, and more with parents. One significant advantage of Actionable messages is that it takes away the need for parents to sit and compose a reply to respond to the teacher or school.

Instant Messaging

A secure way for teachers to communicate with parents. With Instant Chat, parents and teachers can create conversations, share feedback and ideas right from their smart devices.


With the Stories features, teachers can share with parents the fun classroom activities of their children as pictures and videos. So the parents can watch their loved ones having fun at school.

Teacher Drive

Secure and free cloud storage for teachers. With Teachers' Drive, teachers can store school files and share homework, class materials, and other documents with students and parents so they can access them from any time at the comfort of their homes.

Rewards and Challenges

A unique feature of Schoolvoice that enables teachers to reward students' positive behaviors and skills with trophies.

Live Broadcasts

With this feature, teachers can conduct live chat sessions with students and make education accessible from anywhere.

How are we different from
our competition

There are many class apps available in the market. But what makes Schoolvoice unique is that it comes with features and capabilities that address every communication requirement a school may come across. Whether it's the engagement features, real-time reports, emergency messaging features, or keeping up with students' academic activities, Schoolvoice has it all to ensure everyone's school communication needs are met without much hassle.

Apart from all these features, the Schoolvoice has a dedicated support team providing complete support for any school that faces any issues during the installation, implementation, or usage of the Schoolvoice app.

With Schoolvoice, your school can establish a complete school communication ecosystem, timely organize and conduct classroom activities, create much more parent engagement, and take initiatives to build a much better, safer, and encouraging school environment for children.