Classdojo Alternative For School Communication

The best ClassDojo alternative for school communication, designed to engage parents and students and increase school engagement.

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classdojo alternative for school communication

Taking School communication
to the next level

Let your school shine a breath of fresh air with a positive, rewarding, and encouraging school environment. Handle all your school-related communication, queries from parents, fee payments, classroom management, parent engagement reports, and more with this Classdojo alternative.


Improved parent and student participation rate

Collect actionable parent engagement insights

Creates an encouraging school communication ecosystem

Conversational and Engaging

School communication has now evolved beyond emails and SMS. With the right school-oriented features, Scholvoice is not just another ClassDojo Alternative; it’s conversational, engaging, and instant. It’s your all-in-one school-parent app for school communication.

schoolvoice the best classdojo alternative

Schoolvoice's uninterrupted
communication experience

This Classdojo alternative comes with advanced and feature-rich communication features. It has an intuitive user interface, reliable analytics, and fluid instant chat functionality to enhance parent engagement and ensure an uninterrupted school communication experience.

What makes Schoolvoice one of
the top Classdojo Alternatives?

Schoolvoice comes with school oriented communication features and functionalities to ensure uninterrupted school communication. Here are some of the features that make Schoolvoice one of the top ClassDojo alternatives.

Actionable Messages

The Actionable Messages is a unique feature of Schoolvoice that enables schools and teachers to message parents with predefined built-in responses. The actionable messages can be used to send announcements, circulars, request school fee payments, request documents, and much more.

Teacher Drive

A cloud storage feature designed for teachers to store school files and documents. With Teachers Drive, teachers can share homework, class materials, score sheets, and other school documents quickly with students and parents so that they can access them from the comfort of their homes.

Rewards and Challenges

A unique feature that enables teachers to conduct fun class activities and reward students' positive behaviors and skills with trophies.

Live Broadcasts

Enables teachers to go live from a class and interact with students and parents to make education and parent-teacher interaction possible from anywhere.

Instant Reports

A feature that measures parent engagement and provides school administrators deep insights into how communication is happening in the platform.

Emergency Messaging

An emergency feature that enables schools and teachers to reach parents quickly when parent intervention is necessary. The Emergency Messaging feature sent out alerts to the parent's smart devices even if the device was silent or without internet.

What features do ClassDojo and Schoolvoice share?

Share Lighter Moments as Stories

Both platforms enable teachers to instantly share photos and videos of children having fun in class with their respective parents. So stories give an idea about the various educational and fun activities happening in the classroom.

Stories enable parents to take a peek at the happenings in their children's classrooms and enjoy looking at their loved ones having fun at school, no matter where they are!

classdojo alternative stories

Instant Communication

Instant chat and reaching out are essential to meet the needs of modern parents who want to be connected with their children at school. Therefore, both software has provisions for parents and teachers to message each other privately and develop more robust and better parent-teacher relationships. In addition, the platform helps teachers and parents share new ideas, improve teaching strategies, and discover the strengths and weaknesses of the children to create a much better learning atmosphere.

Alerts and Notifications

Both feature push notifications that keep parents in the loop about the latest school updates. The Schoolvoice app sends alerts whenever teachers send out important updates, thereby attracting parents' attention and taking necessary actions immediately.

 classdojo alternative app alerts and notifications

Cross-platform support

Schoolvoice and Classdojo support the translation of messages received at parents' side quickly. The instant translation of school announcements and direct messages from schools and families to the native language of parents makes it easy to communicate without any barriers.

School-wide Messaging

Enables schools to share important circulars, announcements, and updates to the entire school or selected parents and students as required.

 classdojo alternative school wide messaging

Share Progress Reports

Enable teachers to update the educational activities and progress of children in the classroom instantly with their parents, creating good conversations at home.

How do the platforms compare?

Features Schoolvoice ClassDojo
Instant Chat
Emergency Messaging
Actionable Messages
Progress Reports
Notifications and Alerts
Cross-Platform Software
Live Broadcasting
Challenges and Emoticons For Children
Free For Teachers
Free For Parents & Students
Curated Learning Content and Videos
Parent Engagement Analytics

So why consider Schoolvoice as the
best alternative to Classdojo?

Schoolvoice is just what you would need to get parents fully engaged and interested in school-related communication and activities. With just the right school-oriented features, like Instant Messaging, Stories, Rewards, and Challenges to Emergency messaging and Live Broadcasts, Schoolvoice takes parent engagement to new levels of connected experiences and combines the features of emails, SMSs, and instant messaging in an all-in-one platform to ensure uninterrupted and unmatched school communication experience for parents, teachers, and children.

Schoolvoice provides you with nothing less than the best to create a connected school communication atmosphere, measure and manage parent engagement, simultaneously track engagement reports, and build a robust and encouraging school communication ecosystem.