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What is a  Classroom App

A Classroom app is a category of communication programs designed to establish connectivity between teachers, students and parents. It is a software that acts as a bridge between schools and families, with the school management facilitating, overseeing and managing all the communication activities.

A classroom app enables teachers to save time, organize class activities, and manage the classroom in an organized way. Moreover, it allows schools to establish a secure and user-friendly communication platform to unify all communication activities. It differs from traditional communication channels like SMS and email due to its high efficiency, superior engagement features and stellar privacy-oriented infrastructure.

A classroom app is majorly adopted at schools when there is a need to improve the communication and engagement of teachers with students and parents, along with the need to scale the existing communication network. It is also established when the schools want to move away from traditional and ineffective communication channels and have a platform that ensures total control over the communication activities happening at school.

How does a Classroom App work

A Classroom app works by establishing a secure and private communication ecosystem where teachers can easily interact with students and parents without barriers. It unifies all school communication activities and makes it easy for the school administration to manage all these engagement activities. So a classroom app, in other words, works by helping the schools create a communication platform that ensures safety to everyone in the school community and makes it easy for teachers and parents to communicate with each other and share ideas, feedback, and opinions


Teachers create messages and school updates to communicate with parents and students


Approve or reject important messages by teachers and overview entire school communication activities


Parents and students Initiate conversations and receive and respond to messages from teachers and school administrators


School can gain crucial insights. Understand the communication metrics and use data to improve engagement

This software helps improve communication and increases engagement through advanced features like Instant chat, secure messaging features, App notifications, Live broadcasting, Stories, Emergency messaging and more. It also facilitates enhanced parent-teacher interactions, free flow of feedback, encouragement, and learning between school communities.

Where is a Classroom Appused
and by whom

A classroom app is usually implemented in schools or educational institutions. These institutions often want to adopt a school communication platform as a direct replacement to communication channels like emails and SMSs, which can often be ineffective and limiting when reaching out to parents and students.


View, edit and send announcements, give login privileges, share updates and messages with parents and students. Manage entire communication activities, review engagement reports and create, edit or delete user accounts and files.


Can initiate chat, sent requests, share class materials, homework, and conduct live sessions with parents and students


Initiate conversations with teachers, send documents, and access homeworks and other files shared by teachers.


Access student profile, acces homeworks and class materials, reply to message requests, and upload files when requested by teachers.

Schools also adopt these apps to scale their communication or establish a new communication infrastructure that helps them unify every interaction between teachers and parents and consolidate all their activities in one platform. For example, instead of using multiple channels like emails, chat, and SMSs, to reach out to parents, the teachers can use the school communication app to perform all the activities all these different platforms serve, thus removing the need to rely on multiple apps. So, a school app is packed with all the necessary features to unify communication for a school.

Benefits of using a Classroom Appin
School Parent Communication

When it comes to communication between schools and parents, it's been found that the sharing of creative ideas, constant interactions, and the exchange of ideas and feedback between schools and parents can positively impact the student's academics. But how to create such an environment? As it turns out, software designed to improve school-parent communication can provide this environment and significantly have an advantage over traditional ones.

So a school parent app can substantially contribute to improved school-parent interactions and help bring a highly effective and welcoming learning environment for the students. Here are seven benefits you can get by adding a school parent app to your school or educational institutions :

Unify all communication activities

One significant advantage the classroom apps have is that they can bring all the school communication activities in one place. For example, a dedicated school app can get all the messages, school announcements, private messages and school reports in one place, making it easier for the parents and teachers to follow up with conversations and keep updated about school activities. It also saves time for parents who are always on a busy schedule to keep updated about their children's school on the go.

Ensure total control of all the school communication activities

As this software also enables the school administration to control all the communication activities happening, the schools can monitor all the engagement activities with parents, go through all the reports, and manage the entire accounts and their activities. All these lead to create a communication ecosystem that is secure and privacy-oriented, and free from any harm.

Make parents fully engaged in school activities.

Most modern classroom apps have features like instant messaging to improve parent engagement. When parents can reach teachers and talk freely, it creates rapport with the teacher, brings parents closer to the classroom, and creates meaningful parent-teacher relationships. All these contribute to the parents feeling they are an unavoidable part of the school ecosystem.

Make parents feel valued

As the most featured classroom app enables parents and teachers to interact from anywhere, it allows parents to keep them updated about school activities easily. When parents are involved with school activities, discuss school activities, and share opinions and feedback with teachers, it creates better learning opportunities. Moreover, when parents are involved in activities and feel that their ideas and opinions are heard, they feel valued and realize they are integral to the school.

More organized school activities

As all the communication activities pass through the app, the parents can keep updated about the latest school events, parent-teacher meetings, sports events and other school activities on time. Moreover, as the parents get to know all the school activities on time, the school conducts school activities on the scheduled time without hindrance, thereby helping the school be organized and keep things on time.

A highly active classroom

As the communication between school and parents improves, the teachers can work with parents and implement new ideas and learning practices to make the classroom more engaging. In addition, as the children know that their parents are also involved in the class activities, they could feel their presence and get motivated to engage in class activities even better. Thereby helping the school to create a highly active classroom beneficial for every child.

Top features to look out for in a
Classroom App

The market offers a wide range of Classroom Apps to help schools gauge and improve their communication and increase parent engagement.

But it is essential to have an in-depth look at the best classroom apps available to choose from the market, as each software is distinct in its features and capabilities. So here are a few key features you might want to consider before deciding on a classroom app for your school communication needs.

Comprehensive Dashboard

A dashboard is a space where all the schools can overview and manage all the communication activities. As the school communication apps are established to monitor and control school communication activities, such an application must have an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard. Creating such a space makes it easier for schools to overview all the engagement activities in one place. So the school administration can understand how their communication activities look and take the necessary actions when required.

Most modern classroom apps have a dashboard that provides all the necessary functionalities to manage the entire communication activities happening inside the school right from the dashboard. Usually, as the dashboard is where most activities are monitored and new communication activities are initiated, most modern school communication platforms invest heavily in the user-interface design and features to make the experience intuitive and clutter-free for smooth human interactions.

However, when you're in the market for a classroom app, it's a good idea to try out the various apps available in the market and choose the one with a dashboard that has all the functionalities and suits your needs.

Instant Communication

The main goal of a classroom app is to consolidate all types of school communication activities and make it easy for everyone to access all the communication activities instantly as it gets created and shared with them. So any interaction or engagement, be it private chats, school announcements, must reach the right person via in-app messages to their smart devices instantly without any delays. In addition, the ability to get school updates helps both the school and parents review school updates in one place, resulting in a significant rise in engagement rates and placing the school-parent communication in a better trajectory.

But different school communication software will account for various use cases even though they all serve a common purpose. So, it's a good idea to check if the classroom app you're interested in provides ease of communication no matter who you choose to communicate with.

Easy classroom management

Classroom management can be challenging in this modern age where learning is a mix of in-person, online, and hybrid interactions. Add to that, if the teachers are not interacting in these situations without the right tools, the condition can be painful to manage, gradually affecting the children's academics. So teachers must deal with tools like classroom apps that complement their efforts and enable them to organize enjoyable class activities and challenges that interest children.

Apart from that, featured rich classroom apps have features that enable teachers to upload the class structure, a database of all the children, and easily share homework, class materials, and other documents. Moreover, the teacher can also ensure parents' engagement so every parent can get involved in classroom activities so that the children will take an interest in the class activities even more.

Oversee and monitor communication

The ability to overview and manage engagement and communication is another feature shared by the primary school communication software. This enables schools to tap into insightful data about who is communicating with who in your entire school.

Ability to analyze engagement reports

The ability to collect insightful data helps the schools to measure parent engagement. It can be used to gain a comprehensive picture of parents' overall feelings on the school's classroom conditions, supervisory impact, and motivation that regular channels of communication may not provide. Parent interaction also helps to collect feedback regularly rather than annual or quarterly to make data-driven decisions.

Which is the best
Classroom App you could go for?

Many classroom apps in the market enable to improve classroom communication and increase engagement between school and parents. So, before choosing an app, it's always best to understand your requirements and the goals you want to achieve by implementing this software in your school. However, suppose you're looking for a classroom app that can manage the classroom and creates a secure and privacy-oriented communication space where you can communicate with parents and students and make digital learning a reality. In that case, School voice is one such software you should consider trying out.

Schoolvoice is a modern and feature-rich school communication app designed to simplify school communication and increase engagement. With Schoolvoice, a school can overview and manage all the school communication processes, overview engagement, grant or revoke app privileges of staff and parents, check the messages delivery reports, and instantly review the entire engagement metrics of communication activities between schools and parents. In addition, Schoolvoice comes with features and functionaries that helps the school to create a safe and secure communication environment conducive to learning, sharing ideas and encouraging feedback.

What makes Schoolvoice the
best Classroom App

Schoolvoice is a secure, feature-rich and comprehensive school communication app designed to redefine school communication. It is a simple, effective and engaging communication platform for schools and parents.

Actionable Messages

The Actionable Messages is one of the unique features that make Schoolvoice stand out from the competition. The Actionable Message is a type of message with predefined inbuilt responses. It enables the parents to respond to these messages by just clicking a button, thereby taking away the need for parents to sit and compose a reply to the messages from school. In addition, the school can use actionable messages to provide timely updates on important announcements, circulars, news, request school fee payments, and more.

Instant Messaging

Built-in chat offers an interactive platform for parents and teachers to communicate in private, resolve any school issues instantly and share open feedback. Teachers can also easily create engagement with parents by uploading Stories of the class's happenings so that parents can assure the well-being of their child from anywhere.


With the Stories features, teachers can share the fun activities happening inside the classroom with parents as pictures and videos, so the parents can watch their loved ones having fun at school right from their smartphone.

Teacher Drive

A safe and secure cloud storage facility for teachers. With Teachers' Drive, the teacher can store school files and share homework, class materials, and other documents quickly so students and parents can access them from any time at the comfort of their homes.

Rewards and Challenges

Schoolvoice comes with a unique feature called Reward and Challenges, enabling teachers to reward students' positive behaviours and skills with trophies.

Live Broadcasts

With this feature, teachers can organize live chat sessions with students and make education accessible from anywhere.

How are we different from
our competition

There are many classroom apps available in the market. But what makes Schoolvoice unique is that it comes with features and capabilities that address every communication requirement a school may come across every day. Be it the engagement features, real-time reports, emergency messaging features, or keeping up with students' academic activities, Schoolvoice has it all. Apart from all these features, the Schoolvoice also has a dedicated support team that helps schools navigate from traditional communication channels to a more safe and secure communication ecosystem.

With Schoolvoice, your school can establish a secure and private communication solution, organize classroom activities, bring all your engagement activities in one place and take initiatives to build a school environment that brings out the best possible outcomes for children.