We Give You
Our Few
of Support

Here’s exactly what your school
community needs to resume its
distance learning practices without
any hiccups!

An offer by Samsung and Schoolvoice

We Promise You This:
Your School Community Will
Be Totally Online-Ready!

So, without further ado, here are our few inches of support

Samsung Tablet

A few inches of teaching
and learning fun!

S7+ Tablet S7+ Tablet
Schoolvoice App

Schoolvoice App

User-friendly platform designed to help
you to optimize, overview, and organize all
communication activities within your

Knox solutions

Cutting-edge technology built to
help you manage your school community
wherever you are.

S pen

Does everything that a real
pen does better!


The best companion your Samsung
tablet could ask for.

Monthly data

All the internet your
community needs to keep
school in session!