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What is a  School App

A school app is a category of communication programs designed for schools to establish connectivity with parents and students and drive engagement.

The primary role of a school app is to act as a go-to channel to facilitate all types of school communication, be it school updates, announcements, circulars, parent-teacher meetings or any other kind of communication. Usually, the need for a school app arises when schools push for a communication system that helps them overcome the barriers of ineffective and costly methods of communication like SMS and Email and adopt a practical and privacy-oriented solution that allows them to unify all their communication activities.

The school apps rose to popularity with the revolutions in mobile applications and the growing need for modern parents to have a more connected schools communication experience to stay close with their children. While the implementation of school apps started as a result to address these rising demands and to establish a communication infrastructure that is secure, effective, and fast for everyone involved while having control over all the communication activities and engagement in the school.

What makes School apps unique from other traditional communication methods like SMS and email is their dedicated communication infrastructure, social media-inspired chat interface, and increased security and advanced parent engagement features.

According to a recent study by Gallup, parents who engage fully with their child's school are 94% more likely to recommend the school to their friends or family members. So the adoption of school communication apps can also be seen as a way for schools to improve their communication ecosystem and position themself better to reach more parents and attract new students year over year.

How does a School App work

A school app connects school staff, teachers, parents, and students in a secure and private ecosystem, where communication and engagement happen under the supervision of the school. It is a communication system that ensures security to everyone involved and brings more opportunities and outcomes for students.


Create short, crisp messages. Keep it engaging and conversational.


Send messages to the right parents or students at the right time.


Respond to replies and make sure communication is flawless between parents.


Slice down the data and gain crucial insights. Understand the metrics and improve your school communication.

This software improves communication and increases engagement through advanced communication features like Instant chat, secure messaging features, App notifications, Live broadcasting, Stories, and Emergency messaging. This software also facilitates enhanced parent-teacher interactions, free flow of feedback, encouragement, learning, and much more.

Where is a School App used
and by whom

The school app is great for schools and educational institutions of all sizes looking to implement a communication infrastructure that is a more secure, private and reliable communication ecosystem. It can also be used as a direct replacement for traditional communication systems like Emails and SMSs.


View, edit and send announcements, updates and messages and reach parents and students. Manage entire communication activities, review engagement reports and create, edit or delete user accounts and files.


Can initiate chat, sent requests, share class materials, homework, and conduct live sessions with parents and students


Initiate chat, send messages and documents, and access homework shared by teachers.


Access rewards and challenges profile, reply to message requests, and upload files requested by teachers.

This software is generally used by schools or educational institutions that often find it hard er to engage with parents and students using traditional communication methods effectively. While, this tool can also be a tool to manage the entire communication activities happening in the school and facilitate communication between teachers, parents, and students.

Benefits of using a School App in
School Parent Communication

When it comes to creating and retaining a happy, engaging and effective school communication system, the traditional, expensive and ineffective methods of communication may not be the solution. So, how do we discover a way to create an engaging school community meaningfully? As it turns out, software designed specifically for this purpose is given substantial attention to traditional ones. Here are 6 benefits you can get by adding a school app to your school or educational institutions:

Centralize communication

As the school app is designed to provide control over communication, it gives power and flexibility to manage and facilitate communication. The schools can overview and access the engagement reports and manage the entire accounts and their activities. Thereby monitoring all the communication activities and engagement inside the school communication ecosystem to provide a secure, private and privacy-oriented atmosphere free from harm.

Better parent engagement

The school apps are designed to improve parent engagement, but it is more than just allowing parents to talk freely during school hours. Parents feel more like part of a school when they can connect with teachers and their children instantly. But, more importantly, the school apps make them realize they are an integral part of the school ecosystem.

Parents feel more valued

School apps allow parents and teachers to interact from anywhere to discuss school activities, share feedback, and resolve issues to make the school and classroom work best for all children. Most platforms have features that enable private one-on-one chat, become a space for free flow of open feedback and ensure safe and secure communication. Parents feel valued when their opinions or suggestions are used and executed by the school management and feel their views and recommendations are heard and considered.

More productive and organized

As all the communication activities of the school are streamlined, all the communication, events, meetings, and other school activities happen smoothly at the desired time without any hiccups, thereby enabling the school to be more organized and productive.

Customer Service at the time of need

Customer service is crucial for any product. While it’s true that schools can find and resolve their c ommunication issues with their in-house IT admins. But it's still advantageous to leverage the support from the communication app's technical support, thereby giving an additional hand at support in times of need.

Creates an ecosystem

As a full-legged communication system gets set in place, it builds a school community that takes care of itself that encourages the exchange of transparent feedback and ideas that bring out a positive culture that fosters growth.

Top features to look out for in a
School App

The market offers a wide range of school apps to help schools gauge and improve their communication and increase parent engagement.

But it is essential to have an in-depth look at the best school app, as each software is distinct in terms of how its interfaces are structured and the capabilities it provides.

Here are a few key features you might want to consider before deciding to go for a school app for your school communication needs.

Intuitive User Interface

A user interface (UI) is the space where you interact with the software. The goal of designing an intuitive and clutter-free user interface is to make human interactions smooth and compelling so the end goal can be easily achieved without any friction. In other words, the better intuitive and responsive the UI is, the easier it will be to get things done.

So while choosing a school app, you must spend time figuring out how the user interface works out for you. It is very significant as you're about to invest your money and resources in implementing one in your school. So, when you're looking into different software, pay attention to the entire app and functionalities. When it comes to communication, platforms that have taken design cues from social media and are made in mind to handle a community network are the best platforms to choose when deciding to narrow down to a school communication app.

The school app should be easy to use and ensure maximum flexibility. It must have the option to communicate with parents, teachers and students from anywhere easily. In addition , it must have a modern and user-friendly design that is intuitive and engaging. The school app must overcome the limitations of traditional platforms like emails and SMS. It must be instant and packed with features that let users express themselves freely without barriers.

Ease of Communication

When it comes to engaging with parents, communication is not the only feature to look out for; instead, it's the ease of communication that makes the difference. Most apps that come with the intuitive communication feature provide ease of communication with their direct one-on-one private chat feature, which removes the trouble of sharing personal phone numbers or email ids to connect and initiate conversations. It should also enable parents and teachers to start conversations with one another instantly.

Any interaction or engagement, be it private chats, school announcements, or any other type of communication, must be delivered as in-app messages to the smart devices of parents and students. This helps both the school and parents review messages in one place, aiding significant improvements in engagement rates and overall communication between parents and teachers.

But different school communication software will account for various use cases even though they all serve a common purpose. So, it's a good idea to check if the school app you're interested in provides ease of communication no matter who you choose to communicate with.

Manage communication

The ability to overview and manage engagement and communication is another feature shared by the major school communication software. This enables schools to tap into insightful data about who is communicating with who in your entire school.

Ability to analyze engagement reports

The ability to collect insightful data helps the schools to measure parent engagement. It can be used to gain a comprehensive picture of parents' overall feelings on the school's classroom conditions, supervisory impact, and motivation that regular channels of communication may not provide. Parent interaction also helps to collect feedback regularly rather than annual or quarterly to make data-driven decisions.

Enough Collaborative Space

When parents feel their suggestions are valued and feel they are indeed a part of the school ecosystem, they interact with teachers more and create the best possible outcomes for children. The children, in turn, perform well in-class activities and improve their morale and performance.

Which is the best
School App you could go for?

When it comes to boosting school-parent communication and improving engagement, there are a whole lot of school apps out there that you could choose, based on your requirement and mostly on your goals. However, if you're looking for a school app that has it all and helps you enjoy the best of both worlds, both as a communication tool and parent engagement, then Schoolvoice is one such software you should consider trying out.

School voice is a secure, feature-rich and comprehensive school communication app designed to redefine school communication. It is a simple, effective and engaging communication platform for schools and parents. With Schoolvoice, a school can manage the entire communication process, manage the accounts of staff and parents to conduct their communication, check the status and reports of the messages sent to parents and students, and instantly review the entire communication activities.

What makes Schoolvoice the
best School App

Schoolvoice is a secure, feature-rich and comprehensive school communication app designed to redefine school communication. It is a simple, effective and engaging communication platform for schools and parents.

Actionable Messages

Schoolvoice is one of the most comprehensive school communication platforms with a unique feature called Actionable Messages; which are a variety of messages that enable the schools to message parents with predefined built-in responses. The actionable messages can be used to send announcements, circulars, request school fee payments, request documents and much more.

Instant Messaging

The simplest way for parents and teachers to connect with each other. Parents and teachers can initiate chats with each other instantly without the need to share their personal phone numbers and personal details.


Enable teachers to securely share the class activities with respective parents as videos and pictures. So parents can enjoy watching their loved ones having fun at school.

Rewards and Challenges

Schoolvoice comes with a unique feature called Rewards and Challenges, which enables teachers to reward students' positive behaviours and skills with trophies.

Teacher Drive

Schoolvoice enables teachers to leverage cloud storage to store files personally and share homework, class materials, score sheets, and other documents quickly with students and parents, so they can access them from the comfort of their homes

Live Broadcasts

Enables to organize live chat sessions with students and makes education accessible from anywhere.

Instant Reports

With Schoolvoice, schools can check parent engagement with instant reports to know how the communication is happening in the school.

How are we different from
our competition

Apart from providing exciting and intuitive engagement features, Schoolvoce stands out with the Actionable messages, that makes communication fast and engaging for parents and students. Moreover, with all the engagement features, Schoolvoice provides a communication platform that can grow as an ecosystem and facilitate the best possible environment to share ideas, exchange feedback, and promote teaching and learning.

With Schoolvoice, your school can grow continuously, measure your communications' outcome, take initiatives and actions to improve parent-teacher relationships and bring a much better and connected school environment for students.