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What is a Teacher Parent Communication App

As the name suggests, a teacher-parent communication app is a communication software that aids communication between teachers and parents. It is a software crafted to streamline school communication and create better engagement.

A teacher parent communication app is usually a part of a dedicated School app packed with essential features to facilitate communication between parents and students and enable the school to monitor and control communication activities.

Most schools that want to improve parent engagement rely on this software because it helps schools reach parents faster than traditional channels like emails and SMSs. In addition to that, It also comes with features and functionalities that outperform these conventional channels. For instance, parents might miss an important email if it's buried among various unopened emails or worse, it gets delivered to the spam folder; the same goes for SMS, as there is a chance the SMS with sensitive information may get shared with the wrong person. All these concerns get rectified with a dedicated teacher-parent communication app as they have a dedicated inbox and messaging function.

teacher parent communication app

A recent study by Gallup found that constant communication is a primary factor in parent engagement. Therefore, it can be said that when a communication medium is established, all the school activities can reach the parents at the right time and develop constant contact, which can lead to improved parent engagement and better opportunities for children.

How does a Teacher Parent
Communication App

A teacher parent communication app connects the teachers and parents in a secure and private school communication ecosystem. The school is the one that hosts, monitors and controls these communication activities

how teacher parent communication app work how teacher parent communication app works

Therefore, a teacher parent communication app provides a secure and safe communication space where teachers, parents, and students can conduct all their school communication activities.

Where is a Teacher Parent
Communication App
and by whom

The teacher parent communication app is majorly used by schools or educational institutions where there is a need to create a synergy between teachers, parents and students.


Share school circulars or announcements, initiate chat, share class materials, homework, and conduct live sessions for parents and students.


Manage entire communication activities, review engagement reports, and approve or reject important circulars or announcements made by teachers.


Respond to circulars or announcements made by teachers, initiate chat, send messages and documents, and access homework shared by teachers.


Reply to messages from teachers, and send files if requested by teachers.

The main reason for adopting a teacher parent communication app in school is to either improve the current communication infrastructure or replace an existing communication with a new one so the school can benefit from a much-improved parent engagement and a more secure environment for everyone to interact and communicate safely.

Benefits of using a Teachers parent
Communication App

When it comes to teacher parent communication, it's a known fact that constant engagement and communication and sharing of feedback and ideas can positively impact the student's academics. So it goes without saying that dedicated teacher parent communication apps have more advantages than traditional ones on this front.

So having a teacher parent communication app can significantly improve teacher parent interactions and help bring a much encouraging school environment for the students. Here are six benefits you can reap by adding a teacher parent communication app in your school or educational institutions.

Improved teacher-parent interactions

As the teacher parent communication app creates improved engagement, it becomes easy for teachers and parents to connect and engage in conversations. When instant connections become a reality, the teachers and parents can discuss issues and find solutions to challenges the children face in the classroom swiftly. Moreover, the constant connections creates rapport that leads to teachers and parents to work together and bring up serious issues to the attention of the school administration.

Increase parent engagement

As the teacher parent communication app features instant messaging, parents can easily voice their opinions on school matters directly with teachers or school staff. When parents share their new ideas and strategies with teachers and realise their views and opinions are considered, the parents get inspired to engage more in school activities.

Make parents fully engaged in school activities.

Most modern classroom apps have features like instant messaging to improve parent engagement. When parents can reach teachers and talk freely, it creates rapport with the teacher, brings parents closer to the classroom, and creates meaningful parent-teacher relationships. All these contribute to the parents feeling they are an unavoidable part of the school ecosystem.

Enables parents to show more empathy towards teachers

When teachers keep in touch with the parents about their children academic and school activities, the parents feel the teachers are working hard to make the classroom a better experience for their children; it helps them show more compassion towards teachers who strive hard to better the school.

All these constant engagement leads to meaningful teacher-parent relationships, resulting in much better sharing of open feedback, actively participating in school events, and bringing more opportunities for children in school activities.

Much better school activities

When the synergy between teachers and parents improves, it gets reflected in the class activities and students' academics. It also extends to more organized school activities and programmes. Apart from that, the usual parent-teacher meetings also run smoothly on time, as both teachers and parents are on the same page.

Easy approval from school management:

The school management governs the teacher's app. So every official request, announcement, or circular issued by the teachers first passes through the school management. Then, after analyzing the messages and approval for a message is granted by the school authorities, the messages are passed on to the targeted parents. So as the school monitors every communication, teachers and parents can reassure that all the communication activities and engagement are up to date, secure, and free from harm.

Create rapport between teachers and parents:

Teachers can interact with each student and provide guidance both at school and at home. It helps create good teacher-student relationships and build rapport that will go a long way and develop meaningful teacher-student relationships.

Top features to look out for in a
Teacher Parent Communication App

With the advent of the mobile revolution and the adoption of instant communication apps in general, various school apps are available in the market to help teachers and parents connect easily. In addition, as the teacher parent communication app is an extension of the school communication software, it's the school that decides which software to choose for their communication purposes.

So as the teachers and parents have their preferences when it comes to communication, it's always a good idea for the school to invite input from both sides during the decision process of choosing a school communication platform. Here are a few key features you might consider before using a teacher parent communication app for your school communication needs.

An intuitive dashboard

As teachers and parents need to keep connected and updated with school updates, the school app they use must have an intuitive dashboard that aggregates all school updates in one place. This requirement calls for a clutter-free dashboard that increases the flow of communication and reduces any friction with all its integrated features.

So, when you're in the market for a teacher-parent communication app, it's essential to choose an app that brings all the communication activities in a single dashboard. Hence, text messages, school announcements, reports and private chars exist in one space in separate compartments. All these make parents and teachers stay updated on conversations and updates.

teacher parent communication app dashboard for school communication

Instant Chat facility

Constant interactions are possible only when the parents and teachers interact in a secure and private environment. So the app you choose must have a provision for a private instant chat facility that enables any parent to reach out to any teacher instantly. Moreover, the conversation should allow both the parents and teachers to share school documents, files and essential certificates easily with each other.

In addition to that, the inbuilt chat feature should also have privacy-oriented features that enable teachers to have direct one-on-one conversations with parents without the need to share personal phone numbers or email ids. Moreover, this significantly improves teacher-parent engagement by removing barriers and facilitating more connected teachers and parents.

teacher parent communication app for engaging with parents and students

Unify Communication

As the teacher parent communication app directly replaces traditional apps, it must have superior and secure communication features that outperform the functionality and features of emails and SMS. It must also unify all types of school communication, be it school circulars, announcements, private messages, or other communication. Finally, it must be readily accessible, so parents, teachers and students can access everything from one place.

Emergency Messaging

A teacher parent communication app must also have provisions in place to enable teachers to alert parents in case of an emergency for the well-being of the children. An emergency messaging system, when triggered, should alert parents no matter where they are. The emergency alert feature should work even if the smart device is in silent mode, so the parents can instantly respond to the teacher and reach their children.

Secure and private cloud storage

The teacher parent communication app should also have a secure cloud storage accessibility that allows teachers to easily store and share school materials, homework, and certificates with parents and students. In addition, a secure cloud storage facility makes it easy for students to stay inside the safe space of the school ecosystem and access education right from the comfort of their homes.

teacher parent communication app for teachers to store files in the cloud

Which is the best Teacher
Parent Communication App
you could go for?

A wide variety of school parent apps are available in the market to create an engaging and interactive communication experience. But while choosing a school parent app, it's always essential to go with a platform that matches your current and future requirements and meets your school communication goals. However, if you're looking for a school parent app that enables you to enjoy all the above features in a safe and secure environment, then Schoolvoice is one such software you should consider trying out.

Schoolvoice is an advanced and feature-rich school parent app designed to make school communication effective and productive. It is an intuitive and engaging communication platform that helps streamline communication for schools and parents in a safe and secure environment.

With Schoolvoice, a school can streamline and manage the entire school communication process, control the activities of the staff and teachers, check the status and reports of the messages sent to parents and students, and instantly review the entire communication activities.

What makes Schoolvoice
the best Teacher Parent
Communication App

best school parent app for school communication

Actionable Messages

A unique messaging feature, which enables the teachers or school administration to share messages with predefined built-in responses. With the Actionable Messages feature, the teachers or schools can share announcements, circulars, request fee payments, documents with parents or students.

Instant Messaging

A built-in instant chat feature that enables teachers and parents to connect with each other easily. The unique advantage of the instant messaging feature is that the parents and teachers can chat without sharing their phone numbers or contact information.


A secure way for teachers to share the fun class activities of children with their respective parents as videos and pictures. With the Stories features, the parents get to watch their loved ones having fun at school.

Teacher Drive

Secure and free cloud storage that allows teachers to store class materials, homework and documents with students and parents so that they can access them from anywhere.

Rewards and Challenges

A unique feature of Schoolvice that allows teachers to reward students for their positive behaviours and skills with reward points and trophies.

Live Broadcasts

Secure live chat feature that connects teachers with students and parents.

Instant Reports

A feature that enables teachers to analyze parent engagement and understand how communication is going between parents.

How are we different from
our competition

Schoolvoice is an interactive and engaging teacher-parent communication app that helps create much better learning opportunities and outcomes for children. It is a stellar teacher-parent communication app, and it distinguishes itself from competition because of its uniques feature Actionable message, which allows teachers to share school circulars and announcements with in-built reply options, taking away the need for parents to create a response message to respond to school messages, improving parent engagement.

Moreover, Schoolvoice comes with privacy and secure communication features that enable the school to create a private communication ecosystem to share ideas, exchange feedback, and promote teaching and learning. In addition to that, Schoolvoice is a cross-platform school communication software available in many parts of the globe, including the USA, UAE, Europe and other major countries.

With Schoolvoice, your school can monitor and regulate all your communication and engagement activities, create new initiatives to improve parent-teacher relationships and build a secure and encouraging school environment for students.