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What is a  Teachers App

A Teachers app is a communication program designed for teachers to communicate with parents and students. It is a part of a school communication software, where the school authorities oversee, manage and control the communication and engagement happenings in the app.

The primary role of a teacher's app is to enable teachers to facilitate all types of classroom-oriented communication activities. They range from updating class activities, creating and sending class announcements, engaging in conversations with parents and interacting with students.

Most teacher's apps available in the market come with advanced features to handle all school communication activities. For instance, a teacher's app usually has a dashboard where the details of the students and parents can be accessed, along with a dedicated chat interface, which enables teachers to interact with parents and students when necessary. The interface also comes with added features that allow teachers to import class structure, update parents and students contact details, and more. In addition, the most feature-rich teachers app comes with advanced security and privacy features, so any communicatio activities that happen inside the app are secure and can be monitored directly by the school authorities.

A recent study by Gallup found that parent engagement, which goes far beyond involvement and participation, could have an even more significant impact on students and make them more engaged in school activities. In addition, actively engaged students are 2.5 times more likely to say that they get excellent grades and do well in school, and they are 4.5 times more likely to be hopeful about the future than their actively disengaged peers.

So the adoption of communication apps improves teacher-parent communication, creates much better learning opportunities, and builds confident students.

How does a Teachers App work

A teacher's app helps the teachers connect with parents and students in a secure and private ecosystem, with all the communication activities happening under the school's direct supervision. It is a safe way of communication that brings security and privacy to everyone involved and generates more outcomes for everyone in the school community.

The teacher's app aims to empower teachers with modern communication features like Instant chat, Live broadcasting, Stories, Emergency messaging, and more. This software also facilitates improved teacher-parent and teacher-student interactions, free flow of ideas and feedback, better teaching and learning opportunities, and much more.

Where is a Teachers App used
and by whom

As the name suggests, the teachers' app is primarily used by teachers to communicate with parents and students. Teachers can use this app at their convenience during school hours to get in touch with parents quickly. Majorly, this app is provided by the school so that teachers can use this software as a direct replacement to time-consuming and inefficient communication systems like emails and SMSs.


Send important circulars or announcements, initiate chat, share class materials, homework, and conduct live sessions with parents and students.


Manage entire communication activities, review engagement reports, and approve or reject important circulars or announcements made by teachers.


Respond to approved circulars or announcements made by teachers, initiate chat, send messages and documents, and access homework shared by teachers.


Reply to messages from teachers, and send files if requested by teachers.

Benefits of using a Teachers App in
School Parent Communication

When it comes to teacher-parent and teacher-student communication, the free flow of ideas, constant engagement, and sharing of feedback have a tremendous impact on the efficiency of a classroom. But creating such an environment can sometimes be a resource-intensive and time-consuming process. However, the adoption of software designed specifically for this purpose can significantly help gain these advantages.

So as a teacher's app is explicitly designed for teachers, it can substantially contribute to these areas and help bring a highly effective and welcoming learning environment. Here are five benefits you can get by adding a teacher's app to your school or educational institutions:

Better teacher-parent engagement

As the teacher app is designed to improve engagement, the teachers and parents interact and discuss the challenges children face in the classroom and discuss topics on a deeper level. When active discussions happen, the teachers can bring up relevant issues to the forefront of the school administration and help resolve problems and create a better environment for learning. All these efforts convert to increased and meaningful teacher-parent relationships and better learning opportunities for children.

Parents feel more valued

When teachers interact with parents and discuss school activities, parents realize they are an integral part of the school ecosystem. When they feel that they are essential for the betterment of the school, they start to share their feedback and ideas, show more empathy towards teachers, actively participate in school events, and motivate children to engage in school activities and perform well in their academics.

More productive and organized

As the communication activities between teachers and parents get improved, the teachers can effectively coordinate with parents and conduct programmes, events, and other activities in the school. Moreover, as both the teachers and parents are connected regularly, it also allows teachers to save time on meetings and get involved in things that bring more creativity to the classroom.

Easy to connect with students

The teacher's app lets teachers communicate with students with built-in messaging features. When teachers can communicate with students effectively, the teacher can quickly help students in their academic matters no matter where they are. The instant connectivity also makes learning from home a comfortable experience for children. Moreover, through the app, teachers can also share school documents and files to do class homework and access materials from anywhere.

Easy approval from school management

The school management governs the teacher's app. So every official request, announcement, or circular issued by the teachers first passes through the school management. After analyzing the messages and approval for a message is granted by the school authorities, the messages then passed on to the targeted parents. So as the school monitors every communication, teachers and parents can reassure that all the communication activities and engagement are up to date, secure, and free from harm.

Create rapport with students

As teachers can interact with each student and provide guidance both at school and home, it helps create good teacher-student relationships and build rapport that will go a long way and develop meaningful teacher-student relationships.

Top features to look out for in a
Teachers App

The market offers a wide range of teachers apps to help teachers improve their communication with parents and better engage with students. But as the teacher's app is an extension of the school communication software, it's the school that decides which software to choose for their communication purposes.

However, as teachers are also among the ones who will use the software, the teachers can input their suggestions and help the school in the decision process. So here are a few key features you might want to consider before deciding to go for a teacher's app for your school communication needs.

Intuitive Collaborative Space

As teachers need to actively connect with parents and students, the teacher's app must provide a clutter-free interface (UI) that makes it easier for teachers to use it every day. In addition, the software must have a smooth and compelling user interface and promote instant collaborative space. All these will enable teachers to efficiently communicate with parents and students from the same platform without any issues.

So while choosing a teacher's app, the school must find software that enables teachers to conduct all their communication activities and more. Hence, while deciding on a teacher's app, the school must consult with teachers and request to share the kind of features they might want in the software before investing money and time.

In simpler words: the teacher's app should be easy and provide robust communication features. It must have the option to communicate with parents and students from anywhere easily. In addition, it must showcase a modern and minimalistic user-interface design that is engaging and must outperform traditional platforms like emails and SMS in terms of functionality, features and ease of usage. The teacher's app should enable teachers to express themselves freely without any limitations.

Instant Chat facility

When it comes to communication, instant chat is a distinctive feature that should be present in teachers apps. The main advantage of an inbuilt chat feature is that it will enable teachers to have direct one-on-one private conversations with any parents without the need to share personal phone numbers or email ids. Moreover, this significantly improves teacher-parent engagement as it removes the barriers and facilitates more connected teachers and parents.

Along with that, the teacher app must also showcase a database of all students and their parents with communication details like emails and phone numbers. Thus, the teacher can instantly access and initiate conversations with parents during emergencies if they are not available online.

Instant Communication Features

The teachers must send school announcements, circulars, and other important messages to parents on time. So the teacher's app must have built-in features to create school announcements, send bulk exam reports on time. Moreover, all the messages must also get delivered to the parents in the same space, so parents can review messages, respond and initiate further conversations if necessary.

But different school communication software will account for various use cases even though they all serve a common purpose. So, it's a good idea to check if the teacher's app you're interested in provides all these features.

Manage communication

The ability to overview and manage engagement and communication is another feature shared by the major school communication software. This enables schools to tap into insightful data about who is communicating with who in your entire school.

Secure Cloud Storage

Access free cloud storage and store all your school documents and files. Share homework, class materials, score sheets, and other documents with students and parents so they can access them at any time.

Access Engagement report

The teacher's app must have built-in engagement reports to get to know and measure parent engagement. Teachers can use parent engagement to create a comprehensive picture of parents overall feelings on the classroom conditions, the teaching methods implemented and more.

Which is the best
Teachers App you could go for?

Schoolvoice is a secure, feature-rich and comprehensive school communication app designed to redefine school communication. It is also a simple, effective and engaging communication app for schools and parents. With Schoolvoice, a teacher can easily communicate with parents and students and create better opportunities for students.

What makes Schoolvoice the
best Teachers App

Schoolvoice is a secure, feature-rich and comprehensive school communication app designed to redefine school communication. It is a simple, effective and engaging communication platform for schools and parents.

Actionable Messages

Actionable Messages are messages that come with predefined built-in responses. This feature enables teachers to communicate with parents and students, send announcements, circulars, request school fee payments, request documents, and much more.

Instant Messaging

The simplest way for teachers to connect with parents. Instant chat allows teachers and parents to initiate conversations right with the Schoolvoice app, removing the need to share phone numbers or emails to have conversations.


Enable teachers to securely share the class activities with respective parents as videos and pictures. So parents can enjoy watching their loved ones having fun at school.

Teacher Drive

Secure cloud storage for teachers to store school files and personal documents. With teachers' drive, the teachers can share homework, class materials, score sheets, and other documents with students and parents.

Rewards and Challenges

Reward students for their unique talents and skills with Schoolvoice Rewards and Challenges. This feature enables teachers to encourage student's positive behaviours and skills with trophies.

Live Broadcasts

Enables to organize live chat sessions with students and makes education accessible from anywhere.

Instant Reports

With Schoolvoice, schools can check parent engagement with instant reports to know how the communication is happening in the school.

How are we different from
our competition

Schoolvoice is an excellent school communication platform that enables teachers to communicate with parents and create better learning opportunities for students. Schoolvoice comes with exciting and intuitive engagement features. Most teachers can benefit from its unique Actionable messages, making it easy to connect and get a response from parents and students. Moreover, the private one-on-one chat is also a great feature that enables teachers to communicate with parents and have productive discussions.

Schoolvoice provides a communication platform that can grow as an ecosystem and facilitate the best possible environment to share ideas, exchange feedback, and promote teaching and learning.

With Schoolvoice, teachers can take advantage of the advanced communication features, secure and privacy-oriented chat, live messaging, stories and more. All these enable teachers to effectively organize school communication, improve teacher-parent relationships, and bring a much better and connected learning environment for students.