Ataa Educational Company signs an agreement with Schoolvoice to enhance the educational process for educators, parents, and students within the school community


Ataa Educational Company, a prominent institution in Saudi Arabia’s private and international education sector, has taken a significant step in its strategic framework by partnering with Schoolvoice, a platform tailored to optimize school-home engagement and interaction. This alliance is primarily aimed at improving communication and enhancing the experience of parents within Ataa’s educational institutions. It also stands as a testament to the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality educational services.

Ataa Educational Company extends its educational services through 21 educational complexes, catering to all stages of public education, serving approximately 45,000 students and engaging up to 90,000 parents.

Per the terms of the agreement, Schoolvoice, recognized for its expertise in enhancing customer experience and communication development, will actively assist Ataa’s parent community by crafting a sustainable communication strategy focusing on increasing student productivity and boosting academic performance. This allows for a comprehensive analysis of the current parental experience, identifying specific areas in need of improvement across all aspects of the educational process.

The collaboration also aims to enhance the services offered to Ataa’s parents and elevate their engagement with the administrative and teaching staff within Ataa’s schools. Schoolvoice acts as an intermediary, bridging the gap between schools and parents, thereby streamlining effective remote communication and mitigating constraints related to time and location.

Parents will gain direct and immediate access to classroom activities, offering a convenient and straightforward means to communicate and exchange vital information and updates.

Schoolvoice, recognized as an expert in communication technology, plays a crucial role in maintaining sustainable connections within the educational ecosystem and fostering a dynamic and motivating learning environment. By addressing the unique needs of its community members, Schoolvoice has become a trusted partner for over 220 schools.

Dr. Fahad Altuwaijry, the CEO of Ataa Educational Company, has expressed Ataa’s commitment to benefiting from Schoolvoice’s innovative solutions to establish connectivity within Ataa’s vast educational network. Their primary objective is to elevate the learning experience and transform the way students and their families engage with the schools. This partnership is driven by an ambitious vision and a strong belief in its potential to transform communication within its schools, ultimately benefiting students’ academic progress.

Ali bin Yahya, the CEO and co-founder of the Schoolvoice platform, emphasized their unwavering commitment to creating effective communication channels between schools and parents. He pointed out that their partnership with Ataa Educational Company, a prominent entity within the Saudi Arabian educational sphere, aligns with their vision of building an interactive learning environment that engages all members of the school community.