Autumn is here and so is the fun packed things you and your child could do. Long school schedules, busy hours for parents could mean not enough time for outdoor activities. Worry not, SchoolVoice has a couple good ideas you can do.


It’s a traditional night-time campfire treat back in the states. That tradition made its way to the Middle East ladies and gentlemen. It’s a sure wonderful way to make your weekend a fun one with your friends. You can start off your loca pizza place for dinner and when darkness sets in, prepare a bonfire to roast those marshmallows.

Backyard picnic

No day would be complete and fun without throwing a picnic. You cant forget having the bouncy castle or twister, noting beats a good old game board.

Movie Night, indoor

Spending quality time within the confinement of a house is a brilliant thing. Especially since its always humid and hot outside. Solution? Family night at home. Turn that living room into a movie theater.


If you have a giant chalkboard or a large paper pad, you can play Pictionary. For those who don’t know what Pictionary is, it’s a classic game that involves people guessing what the word is. Divide the groups into two teams. Each team has a member a goal which is to guess the word within the allotted time.


This game is about strategy. The game is played with 54 wooden blocks.  The goal of the game is to make players to take turns to remove a block from a tower that they build. The idea is how to outwit your opponent by removing most of the blocks without making the tower fall.

(Water Balloon) Dodge Ball

Two plastic tubs filled with water balloons and your purpose is to avoid getting hit with it so it doesn’t splash in your face. Each team will throw water balloons at each other. You disqualify the player from hitting each other with the balloon. Last man/team standing wins.

Ring Toss
This is what they play at a birthday bash or at carnivals. Set up a couple empty soda bottles, making them close to each other, get the players to stand at a designated spot far away from the bottles.

Each player will have to throw the rings around the neck bottles. The one that score the most wins.