There are important things every student should tick off before making it to school term. It’s not mandatory, but it will make a lot of difference and maybe even pave the way to a healthy habit for the future.

The days of school vacations never seem to be enough. Here are a few things to make going back to school a little easier after those days of endless fun, lazing through the day and a lot of play.

  •  Easing into the school schedule – A couple of weeks before schools are set to reopen, it is time for the students to gradually begin getting their body clocks used to the routine of waking up and going to bed a little earlier than before which of course, would mean reducing the television time and late night computer games.
  •  Coping with learning loss – School breaks are known to involve a little digression of the students from their academic levels and skills. So holidays are a good time to help upgrade their standards in a relaxed way such as building mathematic skills, vocabulary exercises through some interesting games, creative thinking, exciting scientific activities and experiments and also by finishing up all the reading they had planned to do. This will help students to be more confident about the approaching school days and put them in the right frame of mind.
  •  Getting organized – This would involve completing any school project work, de -cluttering the work desk, recycling or donating the old stuff and preparing for a successful time at school with all the supplies that would be needed. Not to forget the shopping fun for colorful stationery and new clothes that certainly works as a big motivation to get back to school and make everyday studies more enjoyable.
  • Setting new goals – It would be a great idea for students and their parents to revisit their previous academic and co – curricular achievements as well as to make an assessment of the areas they need to improve upon. This would help set realistic and measurable goals and outline the means to achieve them. Making some good resolutions before the start of school also help to build great habits that can set you on the path to success.
  • Time management – After days of lazy fun, the demanding schedules of school days can be a little overwhelming. So planning ahead by creating a calendar or schedule to apportion one’s time efficiently between school assignments, music and swimming lessons and making time for catching up with friends certainly help keep things less stressful. This would also be a good time to refresh the rules regarding screen time that will help students manage their time better.
  • Catching up on your to –do list for the vacations – Who said preparing for getting back to school is only about planning to achieve top grades and getting more organized? It should definitely include ticking off all the things you wanted to enjoy during the school break. The long walks along the beach side, board games with the family, a day of fun at the water park and watching your favorite television shows should all provide a time for the much needed refreshing and recharging.
  • Preparing a positive mental attitude – Finally, developing a great can – do attitude and preparing yourself mentally for an enjoyable and successful time at school, and resolving to spend after – school time wisely with enough time for work and play will help students have an amazing time through their student days. It is also important for the students of today to keep abreast of their surroundings and to develop a great self esteem and general awareness that will help them to cope with every situation.