Experiencing a positive atmosphere in the classroom means that healthy learning community is in the making. For educators, they need to make the most of the surrounding (whether it’s overcrowded space, diversity, insufficient learning materials like projectors or computers) in order to create an awesome experience for the students.

Three reasons why teachers should think about cultivating a healthy, positive and vibrant classroom environment:

•    The kids need to realize that their efforts and work is highly valued.
•    Guardians should realize their children’s efforts during school and that those efforts deserve a appraisal. This will increase the feeling of competency and help boost their self-esteem.
•    Inspiration is a crucial attribute when creating a buzz about a school name, so make each class count

Giving a genuine reason for viewers that the school is doing extraordinary things and dealing with academics is important to building brand equity among parents.

We need to go back to basics, the rudimentary stuff. Cleanliness of the environment is one of the factors for instance. The ambiance needs to be very well lit up and the temperature of it needs to be appropriate, not too cold not too hot – you don’t want to have dormant kids
Do what interior designers like to call “dressing up the wall”. Appealing wallpapers that will tell your students they are the smartest and most resilient bunch at that age group for example. Posters from Marvel comics that will present itself to students.

You have no idea what this will do. Yes you have a bunch of rumbustious, hyped-up teens waiting to dart out the classroom whenever the recess bell rings, however, the fact they see their classroom as a silo of learning and sharing fun trivia with each other will help you get their attention in the right direction and you as an educator will feel proud of them.

Studies that were carried by Fraser (1998) and Dorman (2002) for the past 30 years showed that the progressive impact students have to learn depends on quality classroom environment. Physical arrangements of tables and chairs also contribute to the engagement level. Rows and column work perfectly, it always had. Arranging these into a box set and getting them huddled together will keep the teacher moderating the situation more closely. It’s a great way for a conducive classroom environment.

Have the classroom schedule posted somewhere accessible for students to view what’s going on for them for the day. That’s why bulletin boards exist.

To a certain extent, teachers do play the role of a manager in the classroom. That’s why good managerial skills are a necessity in this time and age to oversee primary and high school classes.