As a way to keep students healthy during recess, schools should teach them about the importance of reading nutrition labels label as they provide a valuable insight on the serving sizes. Information about nutrients such as unsaturated fat, sodium, sugar, and fiber will signify a great deal of importance for children with different health concerns.

Children need to know how to read the right information as consumers for them to weigh the nutritional merits properly. As much as schools have an obligation to play teaching children on how to read, parents, you have the responsibility of teaching your children how to understand these labels correctly and make sure to reinforce and utilize the information given.

Here are the 5 tips:

No Additives & Preservatives

Who wants colors or preservatives in their food for the rest of their lives? Especially if its associate with processed – which is frankly almost all of the food out there is. Nitrite is a chemical found in meat to preserve the flavor and prevents it from going rancid.

A byproduct of meat is cooked on high temperature is nitrosamine. Unfortunately that is linked with cancer. See where this is going.

Just like food brand tactics and their effortless triumph to cone your taste buds from the biochemistry that will alter what good food tastes like, you should try to avoid any of these things to start with.

Preplan Meals

You will not get derailed from your original task – which is getting on a healthy, full of vitamins and fibers diet. It will save you time and efforts on what to eat.

Take the task of cooking at home. Every delectable cuisine can be made with 100% guarantee it will savor your palate.

Go Organic

Contrary to popular belief, organic market isn’t expensive. Well, almost. Most local supermarket – even supermarket chain like Carrefour – offer a lot of options. Online shopping stores and cafes are already established in the UAE. The range is humongous.

Eat smart

Get into the habit of mixing and matching your food categories together like fish, vegetables, fruits and avocado. Get healthy fat involved in the list as it’s good for the body and the intestine – in moderate quantities of course.

Be (very) suspicious

There are a lot of misleading marketing tactics used in the food industry. Learn to read the nutrition label. See how much the serving size, calories like the fat, cholesterol and sodium. This will tell you how serving you’re getting per the product you buy.