Mobiles and more specifically online apps, are helping students in getting a lot of homework assignments done better and faster. Preparing students for a better skill-set and language prowess became very convenient with technological advancements and mobile applications in this day and age.

It’s not surprising to see that digital technology has also made its way into classrooms in a big or small way. Studies reveal that approximately 90% of students have access to some type of digital device, be it a computer or a smart phone.

But can smart phones also make students language savvy? Some teachers swear by the idea. They believe that learning English through an app lets users interact and respond much more than they would in a traditional classroom, where they are just passive listeners. Apps also make it easier for students to identify their strength and weakness.

SchoolVoice shares with you 7 popular and innovative apps that students can use to build English language skills anytime on the go

It is one of the best apps out there for beginners. Anybody can learn English in a fun and easy way though a game based learning system by spending only 20 minutes of your day. Lessons are structured around the user’s style of learning. Based on a topic the app teaches seven new words. Points are awarded on completion of each lesson.

A great app that helps you improve your spoken English. Students can learn over 3000 words and expressions through lesson dialogue, writing practice and tests and comprehensive vocabulary.

It includes interactive tests that let you speak with nearly 60 million native English speakers who can teach and help you practice your English. Lessons are designed to cater to beginners as well as advance level students. The lessons are based on CEFR language framework that also guarantees its quality.

  • Grammar Up

It is one of the most highly recommended app for people looking to improve their grammar, word selection and vocabulary. It has more than 1800 grammar questions categorised into 20 groups. Students can choose any topic for their lessons.

An amazing interactive app that allows users to record their speech and compare it with a native speaker.  It combines video with language recognition software that tests your English and provides immediate feedback. There are a series of mini lessons, role-playing and dialogue with a virtual character. You can talk to a virtual character that will assess and rate your English speaking ability.

  • is a useful app if you are is interested in improving your command over English. Users can learn any language by practicing through fun games. For example, users can eat up words while playing the classic snake game. It also offers a dictionary where users can look up for words.

 A highly popular app developed by the British council that offers to improve your grammar accuracy in a meticulous way. The app covers 12 grammar topics, with each topic offering 20 activities. The app is available in UK as well as US editions. Lessons are designed across four levels, starting at the beginner’s level and going all the way up to the advanced level.

 A fun and innovative app that allow users to test their grammar, spelling and vocabulary. Users are offered quizzes where they have to solve multiple questions within 60 seconds. Users can choose from 10 different topics and three levels of difficulty including easy, medium and hard. Each user scores points as they progress. There is also an option to compete with users globally on a global leader board.