So you want to increase your social media school campaigns right. You have events popping up every couple months and you want to find a way to effectively highlight your school name across social channels. Fair enough.

In order for this to happen you need to understand the dynamics of what and why this will most likely give you results that you’re looking for. Social media is an dynamic and quick platform with proliferated means especially when it comes to user-generated content. It’s very valid to turn to creative content to lure in your audience, but it’s much better if you inclusively turn to your targeted audience for that. In this case, it’ll be parents and the list of teacher and executive members in the educational sector.

Put them under the spotlight

When an event is there, you can ask Instagram or Facebook users to upload the best part of their day so far and use the campaign hashtag in their posts if it’s available. Listening to social media to these tags to determine the success of the strategy’s KPI and ROI.

The strategy will present the ambiance of the event and how well it was executed

Giveaways for everyone

Reward people for campaigns of specific event that are running. Ask the parents to upload pictures of their kids in the outfit or when they’re participating for a chance to win a prize and get featured on the poster.

Remember giveaways is a sure way to gain notorious traffic but if its done cleverly. You cannot expect people to interact with your with your marketing campaign effectively. There is no magic potion to overcome this.

Types of giveaways that will consolidate your marketing portfolio:

  1. Add a giveaway to your survey
  2. “Retweet” and initiate a giveaway campaign
  3. Collaborate with a promotional partner

Build on an event, be consistent

If there are international events and local events teachers and school will motivated get on board. Anything that will give your brand traction for tags.

Yes, you need to measure your social media status and how your metrics are playing out. You need to maintain a close proximity to your target audience, you got to keep that in mind. Your brand, what it offers, all of this will build your brand. In order to create this a lot of value-packed content will have to make its way on social media.

You’ll also need to determine your conversion rates from each social media channel.