Group work is an exciting and fun way to get to understand your colleagues and friends at school. It’s also a sure way of sharing skill sets and information with each other such as communication, team work and problem-solving.

Here are tips students need to know in order to pull off a task successfully as a group:

1.    Set goals

As a team, they should be a clear agreement on some ground rules including how communication is going to happen, how often the group will meet and how it will be led. A very transparent and visible understanding of the projects should happen for each team member.

2.    Divide tasks

Everybody should have adhered to certain tasks assigned to them to work to the advantage of everyone within the group. There needs to be rapport among team members, enthusiasm and critical analysis techniques while suggesting ideas or solving any issues as they arise.

3.    Avoid frenemies

The worse thing that can happen within a group is harvesting the criticism that will later cultivate into hate between one another. Don’t fail to contribute, avoid being overly aggressive and always pay attention to other team members when they’re talking.

4.    One-man army

Don’t try to do “everything” within the pipeline of the project. If you’re assigned with one task, don’t take the burden of tasks to show off that you’re a hard working individual. Work as a unit, that’s one of the main ingredients of a team.

5.    Don’t be an enabler

If you have somebody that is slacking behind or dragging the team down a little, hold them responsible as a group. Everyone needs to do their part of the deal.

6.    Happy-go-lucky

Try to keep the mood of the group positive and happy. As much as possible, be fun, but most of all are appreciative of other people. This will go a thousand miles.