Our Vision

To be the ideal communication platform between schools and parents

Our Mission

To empower schools and help parents stay connected

Our Values

Technology should be for everyone. This is why we believe that simplicity is a preferable way to go about things

Technology will promote simplicity & efficacy

Schoolvoice is recalibrating the world of school communication with parents. We took feedback on issues that matter, and delivered an intuitive dashboard and a smart application for schools and parents to enjoy. Our mission is to spread education development globally. Our strategic vision propels us to continuously improve, innovate and deliver a practical solution in any country.

Schoolvoice team

The story behind Schoolvoice

Signing school forms or reading academic announcements can be time-consuming and inefficient. We designed Schoolvoice to help eliminate paperwork and help you make better decisions.

We incorporate responsive designs, agile technologies and an easy-to-use mobile interface to give users a great experience, and increase school enrollment.

As innovators, we try to find a gap in an established market based on today’s technological advancements

The goal is to brand Schoolvoice as the go-to platform between schools and parents within the education sector.

Simplicity. That's the idea behind Schoolvoice

Our target is schools that could benefit from the technology we are currently offering in the educational sector.