Does your school strive for excellence?

Go far beyond the average school-to-parent communication tool to a dynamic cloud-based solution with Schoolvoice


  • Advanced audit report for each user
  • Real-time status of message delivery
  • Easy access to the web admin panel
  • Deliver group and private messages from schools to parents, staff and students
  • Share photos, documents, announcements and events
  • Choose from a set of predefined responses



Monitor the delivery status for read, delivered and pending messages

Time Saving

Receive instant replies from parents

Cost Efficient

Send unlimited text messages with no extra cost whatsoever

Easier Work Processes

User-friendly interface and automatically generated reports

Better School Coordination

Send reminders to parents before tuition fees due dates, important school events and activities

Zero Technical Background

If using Google is simple, then Schoolvoice is for you

Continuous Improvement

Constant development of the platform to better cater to your needs

No Printing Needed

Save printing costs. No need to print hardcopies to be sent to parents