How to Make Parent Teacher Communication Effective and Productive


Parent-teacher communication has a huge influence on the education of the students. Impeccable communication between teachers and parents have positive impacts on the education of the student. The stronger the interaction between teachers and parents, the better will be the future of the students. The students will feel more confident and enthusiastic if their parents are friendly with their teachers. 

It’s possible to infuse parent-teacher communication into education and reduce the stress of the students. We will show you how to maintain a healthy interaction between teachers and parents. An effective communication platform is also necessary to keep the interaction between parents and teachers healthy.

Importance and benefits of parent teacher communication

Importance and benefits of parent teacher communication

The cooperation between parents and teachers is vital in shaping a student’s future. Parent teacher communication always has a positive effect on their kid’s education. 

Create trust between parents and teachers

Building trust between teachers and parents is a vital process in making communication more effective. If the parent-teacher bond is trustworthy, it’s always a great advantage for the students. The teachers should work hard to build trust with the parents. The most effective way to create trust is interaction. Consistently updating the performance of students to their parents will induce a positive image in the minds of the parents. Hearing and considering the feedback of the parents is also important. The teachers should take some time to hear what parents have to say and act accordingly. 

Foster engagement and communication

Strong interaction between teachers and parents will make the learning process productive. Phone calls, emails, and video conferences are the conventional ways to communicate between parents and teachers. A good teacher will always find a way to communicate with the parents. There are plenty of online platforms to interact remotely with the parents. It’s better to choose the most efficient and reliable way to interact, which is convenient for teachers and parents. 

Gather feedback and act accordingly

Two-way communication between parents and teachers is always better than one-way communication because it is more engaging and transparent. There are many situations where parents have questions and concerns about their child’s education. Sometimes parents even have valuable suggestions and ideas that make the learning process easier. The teachers should listen to the parents carefully and understand them. After hearing what parents have to say, the next step is to act accordingly. Teachers should find a solution to all the questions put forward by the parents. Doing this not only makes the parents happier but also makes the bond between parents and teachers strong. 

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Transparent flow of conversations and ideas

The parent teacher communication should be smooth and clear. There shouldn’t be any confusion for anyone in understanding what the speaker says. Some parents may not understand English properly, so teachers can use some kind of translator or speak their native language. Assure parents that the teachers will inform any concerns regarding the child immediately. 

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Acknowledge parent’s involvement

Encouraging parent’s involvement will surely make them feel more social and friendly towards teachers. If parents are involved and eagerly concerned about their kid’s education by saving time during their work, the teachers must acknowledge them. The teachers are supposed to say thanks to the parents who are involved in their kid’s education even in the middle of their work.

How Effective Parent-Teacher Relationships Impact Students

How Effective Parent-Teacher Relationships Impact Students

Students will have a higher level of engagement and academic success if parent teacher communication is healthy. The students will feel more confident and enthusiastic in educational activities. 

Better learning environment

Parent teacher communication is an essential aspect of shaping the future of students. If the parents are friendly with the teachers, the students will indeed feel more confident and happy to be in a school atmosphere. But sometimes, students may find it hard to open up about the difficulties they face at school with teachers, and instead, they’ll be more inclined to share it with their parents. 

In this scenario, after grasping the issue from their children, parents can bring up the matter to the teachers’ attention. So the teachers can work with parents and find the solutions to the problem and work on things to induce a positive atmosphere for students to have an improved and efficient learning environment. Thereby improving the children’s attitude, study habits and motivates them to achieve their academic goals.

Improved behavior, attendance, and grades

Efficient communication will always have a positive impact on students. The confidence level of the students is raised, and the desire to learn is also increased. When the students are aware that there’s constant communication between teachers and their parents, they’ll definitely behave well in the class. So the behavior of the students has also improved. Effective communication also motivates students to learn inside and outside class, which makes them more active, enthusiastic and responsible.

What teachers can do to make effective communication with parents

What teachers can do to make effective communication with parents.

The proper involvement of the teachers can strengthen parent teacher communication. Sending regular updates regarding the performance of the student to their parents will establish a friendly relationship with the teachers. 

Work with School to choose an ideal communication platform

After the school authorities, it’s the teachers who communicate with the parents and students from time to time. So the teachers can play a vital role in helping the school find a school communication platform that best addresses everyone’s needs. Teachers can check out various innovative parent teacher communication apps and find out the ones that best match their communication needs. There are plenty of platforms available to choose from, but when deciding, it’s best to ensure it has enough flexibility, has good privacy features and comes loaded with all the modern features. 

When deciding, teachers should also make sure the app their school invests in will replace traditional and inefficient communication channels, so they can conduct communication on a single platform. That is; instead of having communication scattered across emails, calls, and SMS, the teachers can look for a school communication app that has all those features and facilitate communication with parents in a systematic way and organized way. 

Announce reports, activities, and important updates regularly

Remember, consistency is the key to success. The teachers should regularly update all the essential announcements to the parents. The parents will also feel confident and trustworthy if they can communicate with teachers regularly. The teachers should not hesitate to call parents to inform any concerns regarding the students. They can announce extra-curricular activities, reports, and much more to stay connected with parents. 

Create and listen to new ideas

Parents can also contribute their ideas and suggestions to induce a better learning atmosphere. The teachers should listen to the feedback of students and parents and try to solve them. Teachers can find new ways to solve the issues. They can also listen to students and parents to get new ideas and strategies. Sometimes parents have got better ideas to make the learning better. 

What parents can do to build relationships with teachers

What parents can do to build relationships with teachers

Parents should involve in their child’s educational activities and co-operate with the teachers. Students will feel engaged and motivated if parents can help in their studies by interacting with teachers. 

Read and respond to circulars and announcements

Parents can also do plenty of things from home to make their kid’s future bright. The most important thing is to read and respond to circulars and announcements published by the schools. Responding to these updates will surely make the bond between teachers and parents stronger. The teachers will also feel happy and encouraged if parents start to respond. The parents are also advised to give their valuable suggestions and ideas. Thus the involvement of parents not only makes the bond with teachers strong but also boosts the confidence level of students. 

Know the importance of communication and appreciate teachers

The parents should know the importance of effective interaction. The teachers are trying to connect with parents mainly for the well-being and performance of their students. The parents should effectively participate and appreciate teachers for organizing them. The parents should also appreciate the teachers if their kid gets high grades. These small gestures of the parents will definitely make the relationship with teachers strong and make the future of their kids bright. 

How Schoolvoice can make Parent Teacher Communication Effective and Productive

How Schoolvoice can make Parent Teacher Communication Effective and Productive

Choosing the most appropriate tool for parent teacher communication is an important aspect. Schoolvoice offers a constructive platform for teachers to share messages, files, and updates with the parents. Schoovoice also helps to induce a constructive learning atmosphere for students by making the parent-teacher communication strong.

Improved connectivity, security, and user interface

Schoolvoice offers an ideal platform for schools to interact with parents effectively. It features improved connectivity, and it can be accessed from any device easily. It provides a fast and reliable way to share messages, files, and much more. Schoolvoice features an easy and user-friendly interface. 

It has Actionable Messages, Chat, Stories, cloud storage, and much more. Some features make Schoolvoice unique from other apps. The most important one is the Actionable Message feature. 

Actionable Messages 

The Actionable message allows schools to share school updates, request approvals, ask for acknowledgement and pay school fees efficiently. While, parents can respond to these messages quickly by choosing any of the predefined responses set by the school – making communication clear, easy and engaging for everyone. 

For example, schools can request different fee payments like school fees, uniform fees, and school trip fees while parents choose one of them in just one click. In this way, the parents know what action is required to complete the response. 

Chat (instant messaging)

Instant chat enables teachers and parents to have one-on-one private conversations, with the added provisions to share educational documents and files. With the chat feature, both the parents and teachers can initiate conversations and have productive discussions.


The Story is a feature that allows teachers to share class activities as videos and pictures with parents. The stories are made and shared by authorized staff and teachers so that parents can have a pleasant experience enjoying their loved ones having fun at school. 

Teachers Drive

With Teachers Drive, teachers can store their private documents in the cloud and organize them in folders, and also share homework, class timetables, and other documents accessible anywhere for students and parents from anywhere. 

It will help to improve the communication and rapport with teachers, parents and students both inside and outside the school. 

Rewards and Challenges

Rewards and Challenges help teachers reward student’s soft skills and achievements by giving them digital stickers and trophies as positive encouragement. Teachers can conduct challenges and assign them for a grade or create a team with students from different grades. 

The parents can view their children’s progress in the challenges and cherish their children’s achievements. These fun and interactive features enable teachers to encourage students, create rapport with parents, and spark meaningful conversations. 

 Live Broadcast

Live broadcasting enables teachers to conduct live classes, discussions, and other fun activities in real-time and make education accessible anywhere. 

This feature allows teachers to connect with parents and students, have conversations, and exchange feedback in real-time. The added built-in privacy and security features ensure teachers go live only in a specific class. 

Web chat

With Schoolvoice webchat, parents can easily access schoolvoice directly from the computer and instantly connect with teachers and get updated with school related activities more easily. 

The Schoolvoice Web Chat features improves the engagement and makes it easier for parents and teachers to communicate with each other. 

More opportunities for teachers and parents to collaborate and create a transparent ecosystem for students

Schoolvoice has Stories, Actionable Messages, and Live Broadcasts that help to create a constructive platform for discussion. Students and parents can effectively participate in the interaction process along with the teachers.

It offers more opportunities for teachers to interact with parents. Teachers can make the relationship with parents stronger and more trustworthy with this application. That proportionally makes the teaching atmosphere more healthy and motivating. 

Parents can enjoy the location independence while getting regular updates from the school

Schoolvoice can be accessed from anywhere if you have a smartphone, tablet or computer. It allows the parents to get all the details about their kid’s education from home. Parents can also pay the fee easily and securely from their house. Parents can respond to the important updates and notifications sent by the school to stay connected. This application is all you need to process a perfect two-way communication between teachers and parents.This app also allows parents to interact with teachers easily from their house.  All the communication activities are stored as reports which would enable easy access to the summary of the interaction.

Parent teacher communication is one of the most crucial phases in shaping the future generation. The engagement of parents along with teachers has only positive impacts on the kid’s education. Effective communication between parents and teachers is crucial in a student’s progression. Proper interaction will exactly point out the strengths and weaknesses of the student. Parents and teachers can equally contribute to the success of a student. 

It is important for the teachers to be transparent while interacting and create trust with the parents. The Schoolvoice application offers a firm foundation for meaningful communication between parents and teachers to set up a bright future for the students.