For most, the essential step after graduating high school is enrolling in a university before taking a gap year and busking around the globe. We’ve listed a couple of quick tips to help students (and parents) understand what is needed to secure a place in a university.

If you’re planning to study abroad in the UK, US or even in the UAE, the same concept applies. There’s also a search directory that lists the top universities in the region. Whether it’s liberal arts or business, the choices will vary in whatever country you’re applying for, the important thing is to have the preliminary steps taken care of first.

We’ve narrowed down the best ways to sort your application process using these tips.

 Select Destinationlocation

You need to know as a parent (or a student) where you’d like to continue your education. If it’s the US then you need to know degrees differ. Most, if not all, universities in the states have undergraduate degrees (Bachelors) completed in 4 years. Which is quite long for some people. In the UK, however, it only takes 3 years to complete. The three-year programs are very specialized in the field of choice than their American counterpart. The UAE follows the American curriculum, so 4 years is also applicable in this case.

Digital PatrollingInternet

Spend time to understand about introduction week, societies and sports team that are held as a way to introduce yourself to your peers. You can use Google Maps to help you get a feel and understand the surrounding before physically visiting the spot.

University Cost University Cost

After shortlisting the nominees, budget comes in. Even though scholarship and bursaries exist for colleges out there, you need to make sure that you have enough fund for the entire duration. Some courses have higher tuition fees. We’re not even talking about the top 10 schools in the world. List down the course and the likelihood of getting a financial aid along with the actual amount of the course over all terms.

The Call The Call

In order to know more about the ambiance of the place you, as a student, or a parent, need to either find time to visit the university or give them a call so they can help you understand your queries. Ask questions about a particular course or subject. Once an offer is made, make sure to ask how long it stands for – even if you have more options on the list.

Admissions Form Admissions Form

First impression counts. Applications are done through a centralized universities and college [admission] portal. However, there are some universities require their applicants to write a brief statement on why they should accept you along with your transcripts, writing sample, and letters of recommendation. Some universities don’t. Either way, you should be prepared.