The daily struggle of getting your child out of bed and all the way to his classroom before your morning dose of caffeine can be quite daunting. Simple time-management can help you get your children ready for school within 7 minutes – including getting them to brush their teeth, put on their school uniform and have a decent breakfast!

Minute 1

Give your child a heart-warming hug and be the last one to let go. Give him his school bag, snack, lunch and daily allowance. Make sure he gets on the school bus and maintain eye-contact till the bus leaves.

Minute 2

Sit with your child while he is having his breakfast. He can leave some breakfast items to eat on the bus like his daily fruit intake, juice or bag of nuts.

Minute 3-5

Make use of the time he get dressed in and prepare his breakfast, pack his school snack and lunch that you should prepare the night before. Finish your preparation and go to check his or her outfit and hairdo.

Minute 6

Take him back to his room and ask him to put on his clothes that you had already prepared with him the night before. It is very important to prepare the school bag before he goes to bed too so you won’t forget anything during the morning rush.

Minute 7

Wake your child up and don’t accept his request to sleep for another 5 minutes. Instead, open the blinds or turn on the light, turn on some good music to make everyone active. Take him to the bathroom and let him wash his face and brush his teeth.